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Many investigations can pose specific difficulties prior to any technical works proceeding, such as deep/reinforced concrete obstructions, confined or restricted spaces, working adjacent/over water or drilling into contaminated land.


Cable Percussion at Wood Wharf – Canary Wharf


Concept has a full range of solutions to overcome some of the most difficult and unfriendly environments in the safest and most cost effective manner possible including clean drilling techniques, decontamination arrangements, UXO surveys and fume extraction. Before commencing an investigation Concept provides comprehensive method statements, risk assessments and a detailed programme of works. Once the main fieldworks are complete, Concept continues to provide the necessary support services to ensure a complete package of information is delivered.  Our final reports are detailed and precise and comply with both British and Euro code standards.  Our reports can be presented in electronic (PDF), and AGS formats as well as hard copies and are provided with AGS Format data.


London County Council Bomb Damage Maps


There is a rigorous checking system in place that minimises reporting errors and maximises the quality of the borehole and trial pit logs.  Concept uses state of the art geotechnical database tools for the presentation of logs, test results and CAD assisted sketches and drawings. 


CP2 Pagani Rig at Canary Wharf over water.


Geotechnical Consultancy Services

We are able to assist our Clients in the planning, procurement and interpretation of geotechnical investigation works. If required we provide geotechnical parameters for use in foundation design and are able to provide shallow and deep foundation design, retaining wall and slope stability analyses. We can advise on earthworks and soakaway design.  We can also carry out detailed historical and environmental desk studies and provide our clients with advice for the design of cost efficient investigations based on the data provided by the desk study. 



 Geological Cross Section – Greenwich Peninsula


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