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Building on derelict 'brownfield', industrial sites has become increasingly common as inner city development space is reduced.  Concept provides a full range of services required including Phase I desk studies and Phase II intrusive supplementary or primary investigations. We are able to provide professional advice on remediation solutions, and subsequent validation reporting.  

We can tackle investigations of any scale, from single dwellings to large commercial or housing developments. We have experience in liaising with Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies to reach the most sustainable outcome for all parties concerned.   In the current climate, sustainability, and more specifically the reduction of the need for “dig and dump” are key in contributing towards a better environment.


Phase I - Desk Studies

 A Desk study is a vital first step that is often overlooked and is key to the design of a cost effective and well planned investigation.


Historical Map of Knightsbridge - 1746 (Berkeley Hotel Desk Study)


At Concept we pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our preliminary research of a site, which includes analysis of historical maps and data, currently available environmental data, geological mapping, site walkovers and anecdotal evidence from local residents.  Our conceptual site models assesses the potential sources of contamination, viable pathways present and the effect any potential contamination may have on all identified receptors during, and after development. We provide recommendations regarding the extent of any Phase II investigation works that may be required.


Olympic Site, Stratford – Drive Tube Sampling


Phase II - Site Investigations

We provide a full range of intrusive environmental investigation services including in-situ sampling and testing, installation of instrumentation and in-situ gas / groundwater sampling and monitoring services. All works are carried out in accordance with current environmental procedures, legislation and best practice guidelines. We are acutely aware that test results are primarily dependent on sampling methodology and holding times of samples.  At Concept, we employ sampling and transportation techniques to ensure sample preservation and prevent cross contamination of the samples.  We ensure that testing commences as soon as viably possible.  Photo-ionisation detectors (PiD) are used to screen samples on site to assist in the scheduling of determinands for analysis.    


Gas/Groundwater Monitoring

At Concept gas and groundwater sampling is carried out to the strictest standards.  Borehole gas instrumentation includes double valves, which can be monitored using an extended circulation method, ensuring accurately reported gas concentrations. Sampling of gases is carried out where volatiles are detected. Gas emission monitoring is carried out using gas meters and PiD’s during drilling.   This is particularly important when drilling in landfill, or areas with substantial quantities of buried organic material. 


Groundwater sampling multi-meter

Groundwater sampling is carried out using sterile procedures and multi-meters (YSI-556) are employed to ensure that the best quality samples are taken for analysis following purging.  Concept adapt a number of sampling methods specific to the conditions and/or requirements, such as inertial pumps, disposable bailers, micro-purging, and passive sampling for volatile organics. 


Development of Watford Central Baths -  Petrol Tanks after removal (Validation Watching Brief)


Geochemical Risk Assessment Reporting/Remediation/Validation

Following a well planned and executed investigation, it is vital to compare results with scientific and appropriate guidelines, in many cases specific to the site and type of development.  Concept are able to provide both generic and site specific assessments resulting in robust soil screening values that can be  considered both “realistic” and sustainable  in line with current environmental policies and statutory guidance.


Watford Central Baths 

Where remediation of any site is unavoidable, Concept endeavour to offer the most cost effective solution, and can provide appropriate professional advice, attendances and site validation to ensure that planning conditions are met in full, and that a quick and satisfactory completion of the project can be achieved.  


Conceptual Site Model (Environment Agency)




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