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Geotechnical Investigations


  • P1010003Cable Percussion Boring: standard and/or restricted access equipment for deep penetration in drift deposits. 
  • Trial Pitting / Trenching: machine and/or hand excavated /shored man-entry excavations / archaeological pitting. 
  • Rotary Drilling / Coring: conventional coring / Geobore-S / Sonic drilling for drilling through rock or drift deposits.
  • Diamond Drilling / Coring: Electric rotary diamond coring for taking concrete samples.
  • Static Cone Penetration Testing: standard and/or restricted access equipment. 
  • Window Sampling / Drive Tube Sampling: Diesel or electric powered.
  • Hand Augered Boreholes: for a wide range of investigations including subsidence and ground contamination assessment.
  • Dynamic Probing: fast and economical site profiling. 
  • Menard Pressuremeter Testing: versatile and quick way to obtain precise information regarding the soil type and geotechnical properties. Use of this technique is widespread throughout mainland Europe. Results can be correlated to standard penetration tests. 
  • Geophysical Surveys: techniques include ground conductivity, electrical resistivity imaging surveys, ground penetrating radar etc.
  • Land Surveying and Precise Level Monitoring: level surveys, verticality surveys, brick course level survey, water level surveys, crack width monitoring etc 
  • Installation and monitoring geotechnical/environmental instrumentation: gas/groundwater standpipes, pneumatic, vibrating wire and/or conventional piezometers, inclinometers, settlement gauges etc 
  • In-situ testing: density testing, plate bearing tests, CBR tests, pumping tests and soakaway tests. 
  • Factual Reporting: to British Standards / Eurocodes. Available in paper hard copy, electronic (CD/DVD/pdf etc) or AGS Formats.


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