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Our objective at Concept is to provide accurate, good quality data in the most cost effective and efficient manner. At Concept we continually strive to deliver ahead of programme on all aspects of our work, whilst ensuring quality of data is maintained, and where possible improved upon.  The decades of our combined experience in the geotechnical and environmental industry assists us in maintaining a high-quality and robust service. Concept has teams of experienced and competent, fully accredited drillers, who are health and safety trained and work to a high standard.

Site Investigation on the Greenwich Peninsula

Site Investigation on the Greenwich Peninsula


Cable Percussion Drilling

Cable percussion methods are commonly employed where weak solid formations, superficial deposits and clays are encountered.  The use of this technique provides a reliable means of establishing the soil stratigraphy and assessing the properties of the ground. It also allows quality sampling and facilitates the reliable installation of geotechnical and environmental monitoring instrumentation. 

Depending on the strata encountered boreholes down to 50-60m depth can be readily achieved using these rigs.


Rotary Drilling

Rotary drilling techniques are used when high quality undisturbed samples need to be obtained at depth in soft ground and in chalk.  It is also used in rock where cable percussion drilling is not suitable.  Both truck mounted and crawler mounted rigs are available.  Rotary techniques include conventional rotary drilling and coring as well as Geobore-S wire-line drilling for soft ground. Sonic rotary rigs (Rota-Sonic) are also available.  These rigs have the advantage of speed and the ability to drill through almost any strata.

Depending on the strata encountered borehole depths in excess of 150m can be achieved using these rigs.


Rotary Drilling in Canary Wharf


Windowless Sampling/Dynamic Probing

This cost effective drilling and probing technique is ideal for complementing cable percussion and rotary boreholes or where restricted budgets dictate the scope of the investigation.  The rigs are ideal for environmental investigations.  Although, these rigs lack the power and penetration of cable/rotary drilling methods, they are ideal for shallower (<10m), investigations in clays/superficial deposits and provide a range of in-situ tests including SPT’s and dynamic (DPH/DPSH) probing. They can obtain undisturbed 38mm diameter samples, and are ideal for installing a range of monitoring wells. 


Trial Pitting/Archaeological Trenching

We provide a full range of hand and machine excavated, trial pits/ observation/trial trenches.   Our crew are fully trained and very experienced in installing shoring support where man-entry is required.  We have carried out fully shored archaeological observation pits to depths down to 8m. 


Logging of London tertiaries in a deep trial pit – Canada Water Investigation.


We frequently carry out trial pits in confined spaces such as basements and light wells.  We also work closely with Archaeological Consultants and are able to provide Archaeological Watching Briefs as part of our service at competitive rates.


 Deep internal Archaeological Trial Pit  – City of London


In-situ Testing and other Services

ground5Concept are able to provide a range of in-situ testing:

  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • BRE 365 Soakaway Design
  • In-situ CBR Testing (Conventional and TRL Dynamic Probing)
  • Menard Pressuremeter Testing
  • Pumping tests
  • Borehole Permeability Tests
  • Plate Bearing Tests


Other Services:

  • ground6Rotary diamond coring
  • Electric/low head -room rigs
  • Restricted Access Rigs
  • In-situ gas monitoring
  • Utility Services Search
  • Desk Studies
  • UXO Surveys
  • Geophysical Surveys





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