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Almost any new development in the heavily congested city hubs would need to involve the partial or full demolition of existing buildings.  As we are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of our actions and moving towards a more sustainable world there is an increasing demand to reuse as much as of the existing structure as possible. 

Concept provides a wide range of intrusive and non-intrusive structural investigation techniques.  We can design the appropriate structural investigation required to obtain the information the designer needs:  Our significant experience in this field allows us to recommend alternatives that will minimise costs and maximise the information obtained.

We have worked on both modern and historic buildings as well as other general civil engineering structures, such as bridges and culverts.  We investigate deep foundations (pads, piles, pile underreams etc.)  using a combination of soil drilling and directional diamond coring as well as  parallel  seismic techniques and non-destructive testing. We can investigate a variety of structural elements, such as brick, steel, concrete, carry out in-situ testing and retrieve samples for further laboratory testing. 


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