Multidisciplinary Engineering Teams. Concept’s in depth understanding of project design requirements allow us to assist our Clients in the planning, procurement and interpretation of all aspects of the site investigation works.

Early engagement with our services will help you mitigate risks and costs which could arise in later stages of your project. With our experience of working at the soil/rock and structure interface we can ensure that the advice we provide provides the basis for a safe and cost efficient project.

Our multidisciplinary engineering team have extensive experience of site operations and the technical knowledge to deliver the services required to ensure the successful start to any project. We understand that every project requires an individual approach; we can either scope your investigation and design work for you or advice your team of our recommendations.

At Concept we work with our Clients and their teams to fully appreciate the type and level of data required by the design team and the project as a whole: whether it’s soil profiles, ground/groundwater models, environmental data or geotechnical parameters for detailed design. We become part of your design team and use our skills and knowledge to add value and help mitigate the risk ground conditions can pose for a site both during Phase II of your project and all the way through the construction phase.

Concepts expertise covers, and is not limited to:

Phase 1

  • Desk Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Contaminated Land Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Statement
  • Design to EC7

Phase 2

  • Field & Site Supervision
  • Total Project Management
  • Specialist In situ and Laboratory Testing
  • Geotechnical Factual and Interpretative Reporting
  • All our operations are undertaken in accordance with our Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001: 2000