Environmental Building on derelict ‘brownfield’, industrial land has become increasingly common as virgin inner-city development space is rare and developments expand outwards.

Specialists in contaminated land and remediation, we are able to assess and advise on geo-environmental risks for all forms of property transaction and site redevelopment.

Concept provide intrusive environmental investigation services including in-situ sampling and testing, installation of instrumentation for long term in-situ gas / groundwater sampling and monitoring.

All works are carried out in accordance with current environmental guidelines, procedures, legislation and best practice.

Concept offers advice on environmental sampling and testing regimes, waste disposal, soil treatment, site remediation and many other environmental aspects relating to the redevelopment of sites.

As part of our environmental services we provide desktop studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, qualitative risk assessments and site appraisals, as well as regulatory consultation and associated planning documents thereby allowing Clients and Developers to identify environmental issues at an early enough stage within their project to mitigate, manage and control all associated environmental risks.