Subsidence is the cause of major structural damage to property and infrastructure across the UK, and is primarily related to geotechnical causes.

Subsidence often manifests itself as visual damage to buildings and structures whilst invisibly impairing the structural integrity of the building and its foundations

Concept has extensive experience in the design and implementation of investigations to determine the root cause of  subsidence damage to residential and commercial properties.

Our services include detailed site surveys that include a comprehensive set of tests including foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring as well as design of remedial and repair strategies

At Concept we have a highly-trained and experienced team of engineers working nationwide with the UK’s major Insurers, intermediaries, Consulting Engineers and private home owners, to provide a one-stop service from investigation to repair.

  • Internal/external trial pits and boreholes
  • Hand and mechanical auguring
  • Window sampling/dynamic probing
  • Laboratory/soil testing, carried out to relevant BS, EN and ISO standards
  • Drainage investigations utilising CCTV
  • Video monitoring of buildings
  • Comprehensive reporting